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(3D) Development of Cube


It is an application for children's educational using exploded view of the cube.Use the exploded view of all 11 types of cube and then training the brain in the game format. (3D)After assembling a development view, after which the plane is expected to the thinking in your head where you come, you will see actually a movement that cube is assembled.Since the development view is a 3D image, I can confirm a more realistic three-dimensional works.Young children of intelligence training, elementary school math, such as adult brain teaser, please widely available.
This app has three of the following menu.(1) (game format)Somewhere surface made back-to-back?
(2) (game format)Or three surfaces adjacent to become any position?
(3) (game format)Or three surfaces adjacent to become any position? (Time measurement)
(4) (browse format)11 kinds of whether development view is assembled How?
Because it is a simple operation to answer with one finger to question, you can use the training of the brain from children to adults.